Family Law

Our family law department offers advice and assistance to both couples and individuals in many aspects of family law. With the experience and calibre of a high end legal firm, but at costs ordinary people can afford,

Examples of issues we have helped our clients deal with


  • Divorce & Separation
  • Dissolution of Civil Partnerships
  • Separation Agreements
  • Cohabitation Agreements
  • Disputes between unmarried couples over a house

  • Financial Disputes
  • Changing a child’s name
  • Children Disputes
  • Deciding a child’s school
  • Financial Arrangements for children with unmarried parents

  • Child & Spousal Maintenance
  • Interim maintenance
  • Where a child will live (residence)
  • Change of name deeds
  • Pre & post nuptial agreements

Our relationship with you

Ashlie Prescott has worked as a family solicitor for 20 years but now works as a non practicing solicitor. Ashlie Prescott is offering legal advice and assistance as a McKenzie Friend. This means she can offer her experience and expertise to you at a charge out rate that is affordable.

What we can do:

  • Assist you with the drafting of all legal paperwork including pleadings, court orders, statements and applications
  • Provide you with legal advice
  • Draft correspondence to the court on your behalf and to the other side
  • Brief Counsel with Direct Access rights to represent you at any court hearing

What we cannot do:

  • Go on the court record as acting on your behalf
  • Receive papers/correspondence from the court or other parties (these will instead be sent to you and you will need to forward them to us)
  • Send papers/correspondence directly to the court or other parties (we will forward the documents/letters to you and you will need to forward them to the court)
  • Conduct advocacy i.e. speak on your behalf in court (although I can attend at court with you and Counsel to provide you with support).

Our Charges

When you instruct us we will give you the best information we can about the likely overall fees and expenses of the matter and of the time it is likely to take to complete it.


For a free discussion about your needs please fill in the form below or call Ashlie Prescott on 01482 236738



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