Legal Aid is no longer available for the majority of family legal cases. I have therefore reduced my fees to make them affordable to everyone. My charges are roughly two thirds less than those charged by me when I worked in private practice as a solicitor.

I can offer a range of funding options including; Fixed Fees, Pay as You Go or Hourly Rate. There is no set formula as I try to fit the method of charging to your individual circumstances. The extent of the costs and the method of payment will vary depending upon the facts of each case.

*Administrative phone calls and letters are not charged for at all.



All work is priced in advance so you are informed of the cost of each item of work and know exactly how much it will cost. This gives you the choice of whether to have the work done or not and makes sure you never receive a high and unexpected bill.



Legal aid is available for anyone wishing to attend mediation who is financially eligible. If either party is eligible for legal aid then the two MIAMS meetings are free and so is the first session for both parties. Thereafter the party who is not eligible for legal aid will pay for his/her half share at £110 plus vat per hour and will also pay half the fee for the preparation of any Memorandum of Understanding and any Open Financial Statement.

All clients are assessed for eligibility for legal aid at the MIAMS meeting.

If neither party is eligible for legal aid charges are based on 3 hours of work per mediation session – 2 hours for the actual session and one hour drafting the session notes afterwards. This works out at £660 plus vat which is shared between the couple so they each pay £330 plus vat per session.

Each MIAM costs £120 plus VAT.

In financial cases if an agreement is reached there is an additional charge of £275 plus vat for the preparation of the Memorandum of Understanding and Open Financial Statement

In children cases only a Memorandum of Understanding is needed and the cost is therefore reduced to £220 plus vat.

Again this cost is shared equally between the couple.

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