About AP Family Law

I formed Ashlie Prescott Family Law and Mediation Service to enable ordinary people on ordinary incomes the chance to access affordable family legal advice and mediation.

I have worked as a Family Lawyer for 19 years both as a Partner at one of the largest law firms in East Yorkshire and at the largest national law firm in the country.  I am named in the 2014 Edition of the Legal 500 which lists the best law firms and lawyers  in the country.

It is virtually impossible for anyone to obtain legal aid for legal advice in family cases. There are of course limited exceptions but these do not apply to most people.

At my last law firm I was charging £264 per hour to provide legal advice and mediation to my clients. I regularly provided costs estimates for cases going to final hearing at court of between £20K and £30K. These were not “Big Money” cases but involved normal people with normal savings, a house or two and perhaps some pension provision.

Clients borrowed from the “Bank of Mum and Dad” or incurred significant debt on credit cards and loans to fund their cases.  Some clients did not even get that far. Many would attend for their first meeting with me only to discover that there was no way in which they could fund even the smallest amount of legal work on their behalf. These people have had no choice but to represent themselves –  a prospect which one Judge sitting in Hull regularly used to describe as “trying to extract your own tooth.”

I became a lawyer because I have a strong sense of fair play and because I believe in  justice – for all not just for those who can afford it.

This website is designed not to just tell you about our services but more importantly to provide you with as much information as possible about family law and mediation. You will find useful links to other websites and Information Sheets you can download on various topics.  There is also a section on other Professionals working in this area should you need any other expert help.


If you need help or advice in any area of family law, such as divorce, child disputes or financial issues, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.



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