Kind words from clients I have helped.

  • I thank Ashlie so much. Ashlie’s kindness in helping me was overwhelming

    — T. White —
  • To help another become ‘free’ from abuse is the one greatest gift your can give to another, I applaud you Ashlie, my friend.

    — R. Alexander —
  • I was advised by a friend to seek advice from Ashlie Prescott as I didn’t feel confident with my solicitors through family court proceedings. It was an extremely stressful period for the whole family and felt that my current solicitor didn’t have the experience or knowledge to prepare me for possible outcomes or give me the reassurance I needed. Ashlie visited my home the very same day I contacted her and instantly put me at ease. She is Professional at the same time very down to earth, empathic and easy to talk to. I found divulging the most personal information easy and I didn’t feel uncomfortable or embarrassed in doing so. She advised me how to move forward personally making an enormous difference to how I feel, giving me peace of mind as she feels very confident on how to achieve positive results.I cannot thank you enough Ashlie for all your help and advice. I would highly recommend Ashlie to anyone who is seeking advice and legal help.

    — Carrie Swain —
  • I thank Ashlie so much for all of her hard work fighting my corner and getting me the deal we did.  I thank Ashlie for her endless patience in listening to me bemoan the court system and mopping up endless tears, I could never have got through this without her, she was and always will be my sanity’s saviour. I wish her every success in her practice for many years into the future, and may her skills help many more women in need such as myself. From the bottom of my heart.I cannot thank you enough Ashlie for all your help and advice. I would highly recommend Ashlie to anyone who is seeking advice and legal help. 

    — Helen Beverley —
  • I recently used Ashlie because my ex was refusing to let me see my daughter. I had been quoted some scary prices by various solicitors but there was no way I could afford to pay that kind of money. I was desperate to see my daughter but I was terrified of trying to go through the courts without any proper legal help. Fortunately someone recommended Ashlie to me and she provided me with all the help I needed at a fraction of the cost. I am now seeing my daughter regularly and I couldn’t be happier.

    — Mr S Quirk —
  • I instructed Ashlie to help me divorce my Husband and she also sorted out a financial settlement for me too. I cannot recommend Ashlie highly enough. She is so professional but really warm and understanding too. It was so refreshing to deal with someone who genuinely cared about me.

    — Mrs. R Johnson —
  • I know Ashlie of old because she was my solicitor when she worked in her previous firm. I paid my legal fees then by borrowing money from my parents and getting into debt with credit cards because the costs were so high. I needed some help recently in relation to ongoing children issues and I couldn’t believe my luck when I found out that I could still use Ashlie but without getting myself into debt. Her fees were so much lower than they were before but I got the same level of expertise and experience. It was a win win for me.

    — Mrs A Burdon —
  • I do not qualify for legal aid.  Without the support of my professional Mckenzie Friend, whom I pay for, I would have not been able to afford “full” solicitors fees and therefore could not have been confident in securing my daughters financial security during my divorce.

    — HS —
  • This service has been invaluable to me as I would have struggled greatly to be able to afford the cost of instructing a solicitor.  I have been very happy with the way the work has been undertaken.

    — TN —
  • Without the help from Ashlie Prescott, I would have been unable to access affordable legal advice.  I welcome having a choice to either try and muddle through on my own or use the service of a McKenzie Friend.

    — Jo-Anne Porter —
  • I found the service I received from Ashlie to be a great help to me at a time when I needed professional advice and could not afford to pay solicitors fees.

    — Julie Munns —

Affordable legal advice and mediation services from Ashlie Prescott.

With Legal Aid no longer available for most family cases, many people are feel trapped in having to represent themselves at court. This is the awful reality for a lot of people, an experience which one Judge in Hull used to describe as “like trying to extract your own tooth”.

I became a lawyer because I have a strong sense of fair play and because I believe in justice – for all, not just for those who can afford it.  This is what led me to  form Ashlie Prescott Family Law and Mediation Service, so that I could give ordinary people on ordinary incomes the chance to have full legal advice and assistance in relation to family matters, at a cost that is affordable to them.

I have worked as a Family Lawyer for 20 years both as a partner at one of the largest law firms in East Yorkshire and more recently at one of the largest national law firm in the country.  I am named in the 2014 Edition of the Legal 500 which lists the best law firms and lawyers in the country. I am also an accredited Family Mediator, and take great pleasure in helping families and couples reach agreement and closure in their legal issues.


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There are challenges, especially within the framework of divorce, when parental guilt can sometimes blur what should be the best decision.

— Elzie Granderson —

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